Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nursing clothes: do designers not talk to each other?

When I search for nursing shirts, I find every them in every kind of v-neck, wrap and button down, because that's what makes it easy to free your breasts when baby's hungry. A crew neck just doesn't make sense. But when I search for nursing bras, I have to wonder why no one explained this to bra designers. I bought four nursing bras in four different designs; one of them works with a deep v-neck shirt. Two of them don't work at all with even a normal v-neck. And they're not attractive bras designed to peek out of the neckline. They're more like industrial bras, the kind of thing I imagine Soviet collective farmers wore. I understand the difficulties faced by designers of nursing bras: underwires can lead to blocked ducts, lace doesn't feel very nice on sore nipples, a demi-cup leaves nowhere for breast pads to adhere... But it seems like they could have gotten together with the designers of nursing shirts at least once and had a little conclave. There's really no reason why my bra needs to cover my whole sternum, although to be fair, there's no reason why my shirt needs to expose my whole sternum either.

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